Fascinating discovery! Hidden ecosystem found SIX MILES below the Mariana Trench

Marina-trenchAccording to the study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences there is life up to six miles under the seafloor—an extreme place where no one thought life was possible—below the Mariana Trench According to experts, these may be the DEEPEST traces of life on our planet. Experts have come across a HIDDEN ecosystem that lurks six miles beneath the Mariana Trench. The discovery is of extreme importance since it offers new clues for finding alien life in our solar system. Can you imagine what our planet may have looked like some four billion years ago? Scientists say that life was hard to come by. In fact, back then, our planet experienced very frequent asteroid and meteor strikes that destroyed the surface of the planet making food hard to come by. Microbes were facing a ‘mission impossible’ in order to survive. In their search for shelter, early life may have stayed safe by staying deep below the surface—in places where you’d never expect to find traces of life—living as deep as sim MILES beneath Earth’s seafloor……Read More