Americans Fearing Nuclear War Spend Big to Hide Underground

615x200_ehow_images_a05_qj_fl_build-underground-bunker-800x800Ripped from a post-World-War-II meme, Americans in 2017 are spending big to build expensive underground bunkers to weather what they fear will be a nuclear attack. In the wake of the Trump administration’s rise to power, the increased action of the US military worldwide has led to predictions of war, and for many Americans that means hiding underground, just like what their grandparents did, fearing a nuclear holocaust during the 20th century’s Cold War.  But for other Americans, that fear is translated into profit. In Texas, Clyde Scott of Rising S Bunkers in Murchison, Texas, is working overtime to install luxurious and expensive underground bunkers for locals to be able to survive their expected nuclear war apocalypse, according to Channel 11, a local Dallas CBS affiliate. “If I took 30 people and I worked 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, I still wouldn’t be caught up right now,” said Scott, pointing to a three-month backlog at his company…..Read More