Experts find DINOSAUR EGGS with EMBRYOS inside, dating back 70 million years

Dinosaur eggs with embryos still inside of them—dating back 70 million years—have been unearthed by scientists in Argentina. The discovery has created a buzz of excitement among worldwide archaeologists and paleontologists. The discovery was made 160 kilometers to the northwest of the city of Neuquén in Argentina. The finding, which was in fact made several years ago by a local Shepard in the area, was only recently revealed to the public during an exhibition by Neuquén provincial director of Cultural Heritage, Claudia Della Negra. Speaking about the historic find Della Negra said: “Auca Mahuevo is a site where dinosaur eggs appear in nests and around them, remains of the animals that ate the eggs. “The site was a swamp that at the time was gently covered by water and this caused sediment to cover and drown the embryos inside the eggs. The other sediment came from the Auca Mahuida volcano ten million years later. The research received contributions from National Geographic, CONICET and Zaragoza (Spain) to do the analysis of the materials.”….Read More