Zombie drug Spice is being mass-produced in Chinese labs and shipped to the UK through the post for as little as £800 a kilo

IMG_0137.JPGThe zombie drug turning the streets of British cities into scenes from ‘dystopian horror films’ is being mass-produced in Chinese labs by moonlighting chemists before being smuggled into the UK through the post.  The powder used to create Spice, the banned drug, is being sold online for as little as £880 a kilo which is opening the door for dealers to make massive margins with 4 gram bags being sold on the streets of London for £60. An undercover reporter visited one lab on the outskirts of Shanghai having been asked to arrive at midnight and was greeted by a man sweating profusely understood to be producing the lethal substance after hours.  The apparently legitimate chemist was surrounded by discarded rubber gloves, fluorescent yellow liquid and bags of white powder and said shipping 50 kilos of Spice powder a month to the UK would not be a problem. After the powder is shipped to the UK, it is dissolved in water and sprayed over herbs before being dried out and sold to addicts who smoke it resulting in a trance-like high 100 times more potent than cannabis……Read More/photos

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