Strange rock with ‘alien’ patterns may FINALLY crack the 70-year-old Roswell UFO case, claim conspiracy theorists

IMG_0099A strange object, named the Roswell Rock, is continuing to trigger debate 13 years on from its discovery. The mystery rock was found in the New Mexico desert close to the infamous site of an alleged UFO crash continues to spark debate. Conspiracy theorists believe it is of alien origins and may have been part of the ‘flying saucer’ reported in the area back in 1947. They say understanding the rock could finally help them solve the 70-year-old Roswell UFO case. The rock was found by Robert Ridge, then 56, who was out hunting deer one afternoon back in September 2004. Mr Ridge says he discovered the rock partially buried in the desert sand, near Roswell, new Mexico. Now, a new YouTube video by alien hunting channel SecureTeam10 seeks to explore the mysteries surrounding the object……Read More

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