Expert: Kim Jong Un May Hide After Syria Attack

IMG_0093An expert who has authored a book on North Korea said Saturday not to be surprised if North Korean leader Kim John Un went into hiding following the U.S. missile strike against Syria, stating in an email to Fox News that American military power was more than likely something he had “dismissed before.” “Kim’s father, Kim Jong Il, disappeared from public view for about six weeks in 2003 at the time of the Iraq war. Kim Jong Un loves the public spotlight, and it will be telling if he similarly goes into hiding,” said Gordon Chang, a Daily Beast columnist and author of “Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes On The World.”. President Donald Trump’s previous announcement on Sunday that the U.S. was prepared to act independently against North Korea, should China not assist in demanding a halt to their nuclear weapons program, was reinforced by the surprise U.S. missile attack against Syria on Thursday……Read More

North Korea says US strikes prove it is right to have nuclear weapons