IMG_0080.JPGA stunning display of brightly coloured lights illuminating Australia’s southern skies have been captured by an amateur photographer, in a timelapse video showcasing the rare and spectacular phenomena – the Aurora Australis. The mesmerising collection of yellow and pink lights were taken over Mushroom Reef in Melbourne, along the Mornington Peninsula by Philip Dubbin, who is an IT worker by day. Inspired, as it lit up a clear and starry sky above an ocean, the 53-year-old was left astounded by its sheer beauty. ‘Watching the aurora is such a relaxing but awe-inspiring sight, especially on a calm and clear night – though we don’t get the bright colours by eye unless its a huge storm,’ he said.  Dubbin’s video also managed to show shooting stars, streaking across the night’s sky. Described as the southern hemisphere’s version of the Northern Lights, the ‘Southern Lights’ occurs when electrically charged electrons and protons speed up across the Earth’s magnetic field lines and ‘collide’ with neutral atoms in the top layer of the atmosphere.  The result releases the beautiful multicoloured lights as seen in these dazzling pictures….Read More