A Silicon Valley Backyard Survivalist is Building a Tsunami-Proof Pod


tsunamiball-468x312Chris Robinson has never built a boat or even sailed, and he admits that a tidal wave is unlikely to hit Silicon Valley. But in his Palo Alto backyard, Robinson has spent the past two years building a defense against one: a 22-foot-long, 10-foot-wide, 8.5-foot-high tsunami-proof capsule made of plywood and epoxy. After watching coverage of the Fukushima disaster and a flood-devastated Japan, Robinson started working on an escape route. “No one is going to wear a jet pack on their back as they work in their office,” Robinson says, so he imagined a more buoyant solution—drawing inspiration from oil-derrick escape pods and a Canadian artist who constructs wooden spheres that hang in trees and double as hotel rooms…..Read More