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Have Experts Found the Elusive Planet Nine

Scientists have narrowed down the hunt for planet Nine, aka Planet X. Astronomers are currently investigating FOUR objects that could be candidates for a NEW planet in our solar system. Planet Nine has not only captured the imagination and interest of astronomers around the globe, the elusive alien planet has played an important role in sci-fi fans decades in our society. The elusive alien world—which lies somewhere beyond the orbit of Pluto—is said to be four times the size of Earth and ten times the mass. Planet Nine, aka Planet X—commonly ‘confused’ with the planet Nibiru, home of the alleged ancient Anunnaki Gods—is said to have a highly eccentric orbit reaching approximately 25 times the Sun-Earth distance at its orbits furthest point. While planet nine has created a huge social network buzz over the last couple of years, the elusive world has been hunted by astronomers for years…… Read More