The War Against Christians is Accelerating on All Fronts – Steve Quayle & Pastor David Lankford Provide Critical Status

IMG_0030Christians have been in the crosshairs of a demonic enemy since Jesus Christ walked the earth. Recently, something has changed. The landscape of the battlefield has been altered, and the war has intensified across the earth, and continues to accelerate and intensify with each headline and every passing hour. The battle against Christians is raging, from the overt beheadings by Muslim terrorists to the more covert asymmetrical warfare in the West. Despite this increasing intensity and acceleration, it seems that more Christians have become disturbingly silent and even accommodating to an enemy determined to eradicate anyone who professes the name of Jesus as the only true Savior of mankind. There are many Christians who seem to be anemic, naïve, or perhaps deliberately dismissive of the increasingly fierce assault on true believers. True Christians have not been mandated to passivity. We do not have that luxury despite knowing how the war ends and that as true believers of Jesus Christ, we will walk with Him in victory. However, that does not mean we can be passive in this war – the greatest war in the history of the earth….. Read More

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