The New World Order from an Outliers Point of View, the 2030 Agenda Exposed

IMG_0024 I invite you into the future. All the world governments have collapsed like a house of cards as the politician’s crimes were brought to the light. Everyone lost all they had in the economic collapse. And today we are faced with a choice of where we will spend all of eternity. In the morning I take my journey to get water from a nearby stream. I have to duck through bushes and take hidden trails through the woods so that the guards won’t see me, but lately, they have been so distracted that moving in and out of the guarded woods has become easier. Some days I sit on a hill to watch all the activity on the roads beneath. It’s my only way of knowing what has become of most of the population. I watch as the ‘enhanced’ humans go about their day. They bustle about like busy bees in a technologically advanced world. They pretend to share and live communally. The last couple decades I witnessed far too many of them sell out. Businesses went under, people lost their family members, and the more they lost, the less they cared until finally, they joined up with the tribe. The tribe is full of lies. It looks beautifully enticing, especially when you are just scraping by like me. But what you have to do to be a part of the tribe makes being poor and hungry look good….Read More

The United Nations Just Officially Announced a Global Communist Takeover, The New World Order Reconvenes. 09/25/2016

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