Threats & Violence Against the Inauguration – But Watch the “Long Game

Yes, we fully expect disruptions and even violence to take place on Friday, before and after the inauguration of America’s 45th President. The Communist Revolutionaries have said as much, and wish to create as much havoc and chaos as possible – because that’s what they do. They are mind-number pawns in a much larger game – the long game – of the Globalists. According to two independent and very aware and patriotic sources within two different intelligence agencies with whom I’ve spoken, it’s the larger and more incisive agenda that we need to watch. As it was told to me, there are two major opposing camps among the globalists. Those who want immediate change at whatever cost – the ‘scorched earth” mentality, and those who are playing the long game. While the former are more overt, the latter group appears to be controlling the agenda. They want to turn the sentiments of Americans and those in the West against nationalism from within. There are many ways to do just that, including imploding the economy and placing the blame directly at the feet of Donald Trump. While we must be aware and cautious of the overt threats, we must also be aware of the coordinated action of the power brokers behind the scenes.