Biowar Fears: Could Terrorists Weaponize Medieval Plague To Kill Millions

mzi-ufmjpszxBIOWAR FEARS Scientists race to develop vaccine for the PLAGUE amid fears terrorists could use the Medieval disease to kill millions

LEADING scientists are frantically working to develop a vaccine for the PLAGUE amid fears terrorists could kill millions if they weaponized the deadly bacteria. The Medieval disease famously wiped out one third of Europe’s population in the 13th and 14th centuries in one of the most devastating pandemics in human history now known as the Black Death.  Today the disease – which has a 90 to 100 per cent mortality rate – has been classed by the World Health Organisation as a “re-emerging human pathogen”. Dr Ashok Chopra, a professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Texas, is leading studies he hopes will develop a vaccine to counter all three strains. Read More

Can A Robot Sin? How Artificial Intelligence Is Challenging Christian Ethics


Can A Robot Sin? How Artificial Intelligence Is Challenging Christian Ethics

Science fiction and science fact are colliding. As artificial intelligence (AI) catches up with human intelligence and machines become more and more autonomous, roboticists are increasingly asking about ethics. If a machine is capable of making a decision, what are the moral principles that guide that decision? Can a robot have a conscience? And if so, how is that conscience to be designed and developed? And on the further fringes of the debate, can a robot sin? According to Computer Business Review (CBR), a group of investors is putting $27 million into a fund designed to answer questions like this. They’re supporting the Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund, which is being overseen by the MIT Media Lab and the Berkman Klein Centre for Internet and Society at Harvard University. Read More

Threats & Violence Against the Inauguration – But Watch the “Long Game

Yes, we fully expect disruptions and even violence to take place on Friday, before and after the inauguration of America’s 45th President. The Communist Revolutionaries have said as much, and wish to create as much havoc and chaos as possible – because that’s what they do. They are mind-number pawns in a much larger game – the long game – of the Globalists. According to two independent and very aware and patriotic sources within two different intelligence agencies with whom I’ve spoken, it’s the larger and more incisive agenda that we need to watch. As it was told to me, there are two major opposing camps among the globalists. Those who want immediate change at whatever cost – the ‘scorched earth” mentality, and those who are playing the long game. While the former are more overt, the latter group appears to be controlling the agenda. They want to turn the sentiments of Americans and those in the West against nationalism from within. There are many ways to do just that, including imploding the economy and placing the blame directly at the feet of Donald Trump. While we must be aware and cautious of the overt threats, we must also be aware of the coordinated action of the power brokers behind the scenes.

Protests & ‘gay dance party’ planned to sabotage Trump inauguration

587cbea0c461882d1e8b4567Protests & ‘gay dance party’ planned to sabotage Trump inauguration

Blockades, demonstrations and an event billed as a ‘gay dance parade’ are being planned in an attempt to sabotage Donald Trump’s inauguration, as left-wing protesters look to up the ante in a day of civil disobedience against the US president-elect. A group known as #DisruptJ20, the most active in the day of disruption, have called for those opposed to Trump to join their “bold mobilization” in Washington, DC, described as an attempt to “shut down the Inauguration ceremonies and any related celebrations.” Read More

Rick Wiles: Will Desperate Deep State Strike?


Will the desperate Deep State strike before January 20th? Today on TRUNEWS, Pastor Rick Wiles details the alarming incidents of pre-inaugural chaos as DC police uncover a pre-placed weapons cache with a violin case full of guns. Pastor Rick also discusses the anti-Trump speech former CIA director General Michael Hayden gave in Vero Beach Saturday, as well as his comments claiming the next leader of the free world is unfit to be president. In addition, Fior Hernandez talks to John Bona, the author of The Liberty Book, about how we can rededicate America back to Christ.


Huge meteors spotted hurtling towards Earth by Russian observers


Huge meteors spotted hurtling towards Earth by Russian observers

MASSIVE meteors have been spotted hurtling towards the Earth by two startled Russian drivers who happened to be filming at the time.The glowing space rocks were seen by the motorists using their dashboard cameras in the remote north western region of Arkhangelsk and are believed to be the first meteor sightings of 2017. The fireballs from above are thought to be part of the annual Quadrantids meteor shower which is usually visible in the Northern Hemisphere between December 28 and January 7 as the earth passes an asteroid belt. Read More