Rigged Debate!

img_0056what you see above is a glimpse of the debate lecterns used by both Hillary and Clinton. Clearly, the two are different. These were only visible on-air for a short time and we understand that in-person, from the audience, they were almost invisible. Still, it is obvious that (a) Hillary has a video screen that is being used to “coach her” and Trump does not. Secondly there is something inside Hillary’s lectern that appears either mechanical or electronic. What is going on here?nothing. Is it possible that Hillary requires constant IV doses of some kind of stimulant or neural-chemistry enhancer to stay cognizant for the entire debate? Possible. The screen is less questionable. Small video screens can be made that when “off” appear as a wood-grain to even close inspection. Hillary has used ear-mics in past debates but it is possible that her hearing has degraded to the point of needing to read responses. Read More