oliverstone-640x350The National Westminster Bank, which is part of RBS Group, informed Russia Today’s UK office in London on Monday that it would no longer have the broadcaster among its customers. RT’s editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan said that the Bank informed them that they would be shutting down their bank accounts, without providing any explanation for the decision. British Prime Minister Theresa May’s office has denied any involvement by the government in the matter, even though they recently called for additional sanctions against Russia over the situation in Syria. However US film director Oliver Stone says he believes that the closure, which the bank has now decided to“review” following accusations of censorship, is symptomatic of an increasingly narrow-minded and defensive attitude from the UK authorities. Read More

Vladimir_Putin_-_Visit_to_Russia_Today_television_channel_12-900x350.jpg And Now The Royal Bank of Scotland are Backtracking: Royal Bank of Scotland Backtracks On RT Closure