Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle Finally Solved? Scientists Think They Can Finally Explain Missing Ship Phenomenon

proxyThe mystery of the Bermuda Triangle may have finally been solved. Scientists believe that they now know why ships seemingly disappear when entering the mysterious stretch of sea. The researchers believe that giant craters on the bottom of the ocean may be the culprit as they send giant explosions of gas spew from the holes without warning. The Daily Mail reports that scientists with the Arctic University of Norway believe they may have finally discovered what causes mysterious disappearances of ships in the Bermuda Triangle in the Barents Sea. The researchers found giant underwater craters that are believed to have been created by build ups of methane gas under the surface. The craters are indicative of areas where methane gas has built up and was rapidly released in gas explosions. Therefore, with numerous craters of this nature found under the Barents Sea within the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, the researchers believe that it may play a part in the disappearance of ships. Read More