Australia: Malcolm Turnbull will finally introduce electronic voting. Wait…for the Parliament?

img_0029MPs could soon be able to vote in Canberra without leaving their green leather seats. Just by swiping a smart card. How marvellous. No counting off votes by whips. Perhaps even no damning or humiliating pictures of the nation’s privileged representatives being seen to line up like sheep on an issue, and being accountable to constituents and/or colleagues for their actions. Nup. Swipe a card, press a button. Matter dispatched. Problem resolved. That’s right, with all the challenges facing this country from entrenched poverty, to national security, from homelessness, to runaway pharmaceutical costs, species loss, and aged care, the Turnbull cabinet has put “The Fixer” on to the pressing urgency of establishing electronic voting in the House of Representatives. Read More