‘You Have Been Served!’ – Hillary Just Got the Worst News of the Campaign

img_0008The mainstream media might just have to begin a brand new round of defending Hillary Clinton on the issue of her mishandling of classified information through her private, unauthorized, and illegal email server. It appears another device – with copies of every deleted email – has been discovered! reports that a backup data device called a “Datto,” containing Clinton’s private emails exists. They report that Judicial Watch has discovered the device is in the possession of the FBI. They have now filed a FOIA request to pressure the agency into producing the long forgotten device, sending the FOIA request via Certified Mail so as to have a record of the request. The existence of a full record of Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 deleted private emails could very well be a game changer… that is if the FBI produces the material in an expedited manner. With just 24 days until Election Day, every second counts. Read More