US Has ‘Played Itself Into a Corner’ and is Now ‘Seriously Frightened’

img_0013Twenty-two more US House lawmakers have recently urged President Barack Obama to adopt a policy of no-first-use in regards to nuclear weapons. On Thursday the lawmakers sent a letter to the US president expressing their joint concern over Russia’s and the US’ launch-under-attack postures and “the risk of catastrophic miscalculation and full-scale nuclear war.” “As you know, were the United States to exercise its contingency plans to use nuclear weapons first in a conflict against a nuclear-armed adversary, a full-scale nuclear exchange could ensue, killing thousands of civilians,” the letter reads. “For the security and safety of the world, military options that can spiral towards mutually assured destruction should not be on the table.” Commenting on the issue, Russian political analyst, expert on US-Russia relations and Professor of the Academy of Military Sciences, Sergei Sudakov told Radio Sputnik that it was the US who has “played itself into a corner.” Read More