Third Missile attack on US warships in Red Sea

5372999423_04434b9f5d_b-635x357Third attack in a week from territory held by Iran-backed Houthi rebels draws US closer to ongoing civil war in Yemen. Multiple missiles were fired Saturday at three US warships in the Red Sea, though none was hit and there were no casualties, the US military said, amid rising tensions with Yemen’s Houthi rebels.  A US defense official said the altercation took place starting around 1930 GMT. It was unclear how many of the surface-to-surface missiles were fired at the USS Mason, USS Nitze and USS Ponce. The USS Mason destroyer, which was sailing in international waters off Yemen’s coast earlier this week, used unspecified countermeasures against the incoming missiles, the official said. “We are aware of the reports and we are assessing the situation. All of our ships and crews are safe and unharmed,” another US defense official said.  Read More