North Korea offers £1million bribe to MoD officer to become MOLE for Kim Jong-un

north-korean-defector-thae-yong-ho-north-korean-flag-721542NORTH Korea was prepared to offer a Ministry of Defence civil servant or naval officer £1 million to pass on Britain’s nuclear deterrent secrets. The damming indictment has emerged from a top-level debrief of the former deputy Ambassador to London who defected to the West earlier this year. Thae Yong-ho, who was helped to defect by MI6, revealed that the burning pressure he had been put under by his masters in Pyonyang to “deliver the impossible” was a major factor in his decision to approach British intelligence officers. The respected and trusted diplomat, whose family had ties with the founders of the People’s Republic of Korea, had been in station in London for almost four years, and was facing an imminent recall to the police state. Read More

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