‘Asgardia,’ The First Nation In Space, Wants You!

Welcome-to-Asgard...-Sort-of..jpgThe first SPACE NATION that could be recognized by the UN

Plans to create the first “nation in space” were unveiled in Paris on Wednesday. They are nothing if not ambitious. The new nation will launch its own satellite in 2017 and dedicate itself to opening up access to space. The goal is to foster world peace, as well as protect earth from rogue asteroids and space debris. The new space country will be called “Asgardia,” named for the city in the skies ruled by Norse god Odin. We aren’t talking about an actual orbiting city or space station where humans will live. Instead, it’s more a scientific, legal and technological experiment being led by Russian nanoscientist Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli, founder of the Aerospace International Research Center and newly appointed chairman of UNESCO’s Science of Space committee. Read More