i-amz_-mshcdn-comjsvqwdsaqvynffepjxhaluxmpqy950x534https3a2f2fblueprint-api-production-s3-amazonaws-com2fuploads2fcard2fimage2f2473082fearthsimulatorpnwstorm-5800245780287d4e4510a1ae2c60505e213c9dde-6An intense storm system taking direct aim at the Pacific Northwest on Saturday contains the DNA of a super typhoon mixed with the heritage of a classic fall storm. Depending on whether recent computer model projections are correct, the storm could be the worst to hit the region since at least 2006, and in a worst-case scenario it might earn comparisons to the Columbus Day storm of 1962, which caused widespread damage and long-lasting power outages. High wind watches for winds gusting to more than 60 miles per hour have been posted for much of western Washington, including the Seattle metro area, as well as Oregon and parts of northern California. In Oregon, a hurricane force wind watch is in effect along the coast for the storm the Weather Service office in Portland is calling the “Ides of October” storm. Read More