Global Threats

Russia Launches Martial Law Drills -Preparing for Nuclear War as Russian General Warns of Full Scale Confrontation on All Fronts

nuclear_explosion_by_cemetpuu-d7c77kmFor those who are still paying attention to real world events, we’ve just gotten several huge wakeup calls from Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin and Russia that life in America might soon change dramatically with war coming to American cities and towns if the American people can’t stop what now seems to be a headlong ‘elitist’ rush into World War 3. While the head of a Russian government-owned news agency Dmitry Kiselyov recently warned the US that “any imprudent behavior towards Moscow could have nuclear consequences”, we see events now happening we warned of back on October 8th as being major signs of doom ahead as the Russian govt has ordered citizens to to leave the countries they are in. As we hear from retired US Veteran and ANP reader Gunny in his passionate plea to America seen in full below videos, each and every one of us has to ask ourselves this question: Do YOU want to get nuked for rich, warmongering elites? As we’re also told in this new story from 21st Century Wire, what we’re now witnessing in Syria has become an existential battle between the US and Russia. Read More