‘Disturbing New Phenomenon’ Emerges – Medical Experts Don’t Know What It Is – ‘We’re On A Collision Course With Destiny’

medical-nanorobots-on-red-blood-cell-victor-habbick-visionsThe story from Alexandra Bruce over at Forbidden Knowledge TV that Steve Quayle linked to on his website on Monday told us that a mysterious new blood bacteria that seems to act like a nanobot bioweapon has been discovered in people across parts of America over about the past 18 months. Strangely resembling tiny tadpoles, we’re told they school like fish in large groups around blood cells, moving in unison and rapidly changing directions as if they are being controlled as one. According to Dr. Nick Delgado who discovered this disturbing new phenomenon, the people who’ve been carrying these strange ‘tadpoles’ within their blood all describe having a persistent cough and Delgado isn’t sure if these are some kind of new ‘super bacteria’ or possibly even a bioweapon, though he tells he is quite open to that last possibility. Read More