Theresa May diverts BILLIONS to tackle global chaos: Foreign aid cash to fight terror

feat-712720Speaking at a summit in New York last night, the Prime Minister said a new approach must be found to deal with the root causes fuelling extremism and driving mass population movements. Addressing the United Nations General Assembly in her first major foreign policy statement, Mrs May warned that uncontrolled migration was one of the biggest challenges of modern times. She said international action was needed to address the bloody conflicts behind huge surges in refugees. And she signalled her determination to lead the way by announcing that hundreds of British troops are to be sent to Somalia to train local forces battling the murderous Al Shabaab Islamist terror group. Britain is to set up a new military HQ in the Somali capital Mogadishu and will increase the number of British Army training teams working with local forces from around 12 to up to 30. Read More

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