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A Tsunami of Sexual Perversion Amongst Christians


“What does the Bible mean when it refers to something as a perversion?” Webster’s Dictionary defines perversion as “a diverting from the true intent or purpose; a change to something worse; a turning or applying to a wrong end or use.” In the Bible, the word translated “perversion” is used to define a deviation from righteousness in either sexual behaviour (Leviticus 18:23; Romans 1:27; Ephesians 4:19; Colossians 3:5), In speech (Proverbs 10:31), or justice (Ecclesiastes 5:8). In each case, there are warnings against using for evil something that God created as good.

Satan twists things. Every good thing that God created, Satan works to pervert. God created sexuality and called it good (Genesis 1:27-28, 31). Since early days, human beings have found twisted uses for sex that accomplish neither of God’s intended purposes.

Sexual perversion has not only invaded society in general but unfortunately it has invaded many Christian churches. This appears to be a taboo subject in church and yet it is running rampant and is ruining marriages, destroying relationships, harming young children and youth, and hurting the body of Christ. There are too many mealy mouthed pastors that won’t address the subject and call it for what it is SIN. No wonder the church is weak and has lost its power.

A man or a woman who commits sexual perversion is definitely unwise as this sin brings forth degradation, shame, confusion and a curse. Any family member who is involved in sexual perversion is a home destroyer and should be big enough to face the consequences of their sin.

A professing Christian who secretly involves themselves in sexual perversion is on a downward spiral and one would have to question their commitment to Jesus Christ. Christians must guard themselves from wicked imaginations and questionable lifestyles so they may not be drawn into the deceitfulness of sin. Sexual permissiveness along with the change of attitude toward perversion are the result of greatly increased demon activity. This is also one of the last signs of moral decay before divine judgment falls.


As stated by midnightcry “When a man or woman begins to play the field in sexual experimentation they are subject to be taken captive by their own lusts ever looking and searching for the sexual thrill that doesn’t exist. The further they go in this direction the more difficult it is for them to ever be satisfied or settle down with one companion or sex in the normal sense. Such persons are a poor risk for marriage as they are ever subject to lapse back into their habit of sexual infidelity.

What often happens is they are taken captive by a demon of lust that keeps prodding them on from one partner to another. Like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, sex becomes an illusory experience they are ever searching for but never able to find.

The presence of one demon may open the door to others more vile and perverse than the first one. This principle is confirmed by the Lord Jesus in Matt. 12:43-45. This, I believe, is the way many are led step by step into various forms of sexual perversion. When sex in the normal sense fails to gratify their burning desire they become an easy prey for evil spirits that prod them into unnatural sex.

The thing we need to understand is that basically we are all subject to like passions and stand in need of restraint and temperance. Giving ourselves to excess in any carnal (fleshly) form is subject to lead into demoniac bondage. Undisciplined minds are fertile ground for such passion.

Although our wills vary in their desire and ability to resist any given or specific temptation we are not born with disciplined wills to overcome. This comes as a result of moral and environmental influences that form certain convictions within us. It is these convictions which serve to hold us back from temptation and excess.

Regardless of the type of sexual perversion or the conditions under which people indulge they are in danger. As is brought out in Romans, chapter one, sexual perversion is one of the outstanding signs of reprobation. A reprobate is one who has been abandoned by God. He has been given over to his vile passions and without a moral conscience takes pleasure in his sin. This is the bottomless pit of moral corruption. From which there is no hope of deliverance. Although there are numerous other signs of reprobation in Romans 1:21-32, sexual perversion is set forth as the outstanding characteristic. When you indulge in sexual perversion of any type for any reason you may be on the road to reprobation whether you have reached it or not.

Although many sexual deviates justify themselves and continue to masquerade under a false cloak of respectability, others make no pretence as they sink lower and lower into the cesspool of iniquity. Molesters of children, sadistic cruelty, dope addiction, witchcraft, Satan worship, defiance of law, crime and unmentionable perversion all lie in the path of the sexual deviate.”

SIN HURTS – Do wrong and you almost always affect others (even unborn generations) even though you stop it and even after you repent and get right; your the one that messed up and probably have left a trail of destruction behind  you.

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