NASA Mystery: Scientists Baffled By Pluto’s Intense X-Ray Emissions –“No Natural Means for Emitting Them”

imageSomething very odd is going on around Pluto. According to NASA scientists, the New Horizons’ flyby of the former ninth planet has revealed an enigma: the icy world that orbits some 3.6 billion miles from the sun appears to be emitting x-rays—high energy radiation associated with gases with temperatures of a million degrees. That makes Pluto the furthest known x-ray source in our solar system.”We’ve just detected, for the first time, X-rays coming from an object in our Kuiper Belt, and learned that Pluto is interacting with the solar wind in an unexpected and energetic fashion,” said Carey Lisse, an astrophysicist at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) who led the Chandra observation team with APL colleague and New Horizons Co-Investigator Ralph McNutt. “We can expect other large Kuiper Belt objects to be doing the same.” Read More