Scientists Warn US Spent Reactor Fuel Pools could IGNITE into nuclear fire; send tons of radiation into US atmosphere

imageNinety-six above-ground, aquamarine pools around the US that hold spent reactor fuel may not be as safe as U.S. regulators and the nuclear industry have publicly asserted, a study released by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine warned. Citing a little-noticed study by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the academies said that if an accident or an act of terrorism at a densely-filled pool caused a leak that drains the water away from the rods, the fuel rods would melt down and burst into flame, releasing tons of radiation directly into the atmosphere! A cataclysmic release of long-lasting radiation could force the extended evacuation of nearly 3.5 million people from territory larger than the state of New Jersey. It could also cause thousands of cancer deaths from excess radiation exposure, and as much as $700 billion dollars in costs to the national economy. Read Article