‘Scared, Hungry And Tired’ – David Wilkerson’s Prophecy Coming True In Venezuela Is A Warning For America! ‘The Most Dangerous Time In History Is Coming’

The 2nd video below was recently linked to on the website of Steve Quayle and shares the full, end times vision of Pastor David Wilkerson from many years ago. Said to be “scary accurate’ and describing what we are now witnessing in the world today to a perfect degree”, some commenters on the video believe it’s going to get much worse than the ‘End Times’ vision Wilkerson gives. If you can’t watch videos, Pastor Wilkerson’s prophecy is republished below videos. In fact, with the nation of Venezuela now in full-scale collapse happening before our very eyes, in the first video below we see what those living in Venezuela go through now every day; waiting in line from the early hours of the morning to buy bread, hoping that there will be bread still left when they reach the front of the line. As we hear in the video, that isn’t always the case and plenty of Venezuelans are starving because there is no food available. Read Article

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