Experts say flight data ‘points towards a bomb’ as first pictures emerge of MS804’s wreckage and search teams ‘discover black box’

20M_EGYPTAIR CRASH WIDE.1Smoke alarms were sounding for almost three minutes on board EgyptAir Flight 804 before it plummeted into the sea, investigators have confirmed, leading experts to claim the crash was likely caused by a bomb or ‘incendiary device’. Experts have drawn various conclusions from leaked data about alerts sent out by the doomed jet in its final moments, with many pointing out that for now any information gleaned is ‘pure conjecture’. While the data indicates that something catastrophic did occur on board the plane – seeming to rule out theories that it was deliberately crashed into the sea by a pilot or hijacker – there is disagreement as to whether it points to a bomb or a fire on board. Egyptian investigators have said it is still ‘too soon’ to make a judgement on what happened based on the information available. It comes as the first pictures of the mangled wreckage emerged from the crash site. Read Article

Air hostess on doomed EgyptAir jet posted picture of a passenger plane CRASHING INTO THE SEA 18 months before MS804 plunged into the Mediterranean