Target Now Suing A Hero Who Saved The Life Of A Child Amidst Stock Market Plunge Over Dangerous Policy Of Allowing Males Into Female Bathrooms

TargetFLUSHTarget has a huge optics problem, all due to their management and corporate decisions, first by inserting themselves into a national controversy over transgenders being allowed to use bathrooms of the opposite sex, which caused a massive boycott petition drive which has reached over 1.2 million signatures. Then a man decided to test this policy in a video that went viral but was later removed from YouTube, but was mirrored. He went into a Target store in St. Petersburg, Florida, asked if he could use the women’s bathroom because he was “uncomfortable” using the men’s room and was told by store personnel he could use the women’s bathroom.If those optics aren’t bad enough, another man was harrassed for guarding the door while his daughter was using the restroom, then ordered to leave and being told that cameras and filming are not allowed in their store. As shown in the two short videos below, the man was polite, courteous and explained clearly that he was protecting his daughter’s right to privacy. Read Article