Conspiracy Theories or so they say

Planet Nine: Collision with giant ice planet on the edge of our solar system ‘will wipe out Earth in 2016’

imageCONSPIRACY theorists have claimed a giant planet lurking on the edge of our solar system will wipe out humanity in a collision with Earth this year. Some science buffs have long believed in the existence of a distant ninth planet, but were ridiculed by the scientific community for years, The Sun reports. However, their claims are beginning to be taken seriously after space experts at the California Institute of Technology revealed they had found evidence for a giant ice planet just beyond Pluto. The frosty world, known as ‘Planet Nine’, was recently found to be on a 20,000-year orbit of the sun, with a mass 10 times that of Earth. Worryingly, the same group who turned out to be right about Planet Nine’s existence also had an apocalyptic warning that a massive hidden planet with a very long orbit will crash into Earth in 2016. Rogue scientists had speculated about the existence of another planet since the 1800s, but their theories were rubbished and the search for what they termed ‘Planet X’ was called off. Read Article