black-horse-of-the-apocalypse-by-unknown Hal’s in-depth video follows his weekly newsletter below. Please share while you prepare! May 20th, 2016 – This week on ‘The Hal Lindsey Report’

The world is headed headlong for a monumental, history-altering series of catastrophic events. In 1995, I wrote a book called The Final Battle. In its introduction, I gave a list of signs the Hebrew prophets told us to watch for before the climax of history. These include famines and outbreaks of plagues and pestilences; unusual and violent weather; an increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity; a tremendous and rapid decline in moral standards and behavior; a rise in the number of religions and in liberalism, humanism, occultism, and Satanism; the decline of nationalism and individual nation-states and the rise of global governance, both organizational and institutional; an unbelievable increase in the amount of human knowledge and the speed with which it crescendos; the rebirth of Israel; the startling numbers of wars and ethnic conflicts and the oppressive threat of still more; the frightening and sudden rise in lawlessness, including individual, corporate, governmental, and societal disregard for law and order; and economic chaos.

Now, that pretty much describes every day’s news cycle, doesn’t it? (Outside of the interminable election coverage!)

The Hal Lindsey Report is less than one-half an hour long each week. We could not physically produce a television program long enough to thoroughly report on each of the developments in each of these signs for just one day!

The burgeoning global economic chaos alone can eat up entire news cycles. From the impending collapse of the Venezuelan economy, to the economic disaster that awaits Puerto Rico. From the steps Saudi Arabia is taking to avoid economic failure to the alarming explosion in debilitating debt burdens for the world’s economic powerhouses.

Those vague but nearing sounds of a galloping horse you’re beginning to hear? That’s the sound of the approaching black horse of the apocalypse, whose rider carries a pair of scales in his hand. (Revelation 6:5-6) He warns of a time of global economic disaster and oppression that will be horrible to experience. I’m so thankful that the true followers of Jesus Christ will not be present on this earth to endure those times. Jesus Himself will have already snatched His blood-washed Church from here in the Rapture and we will be with Him in glory while those left here will be suffering the Tribulation the Apostle John describes in Revelation.

Folks, I believe the debt-induced global economic meltdown that is bearing down on us — and the worldwide chaos it will create — will precipitate the rise of the Antichrist. And this isn’t theological or eschatological mumbo-jumbo. These are today’s news headlines.

Just like we say every week as our program begins: “Yesterday’s prophecies. Today’s headlines.”

Open your eyes, my friends. The prophecies are here! Make certain you are ready to leave this world when Jesus Christ returns for His own. It could happen any day now!