Globalists Panicking At Brexit Prompting More Secessionist Movements

imageFitch notes that the banking sectors in Ireland, Malta, Luxembourg, Spain, France and Germany have important links with the UK. The Credit rating agency Fitch has warned that the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU) could precipitate the departure of Scotland from the UK, which in turn could intensify “secessionist pressures” in other parts of the EU, such as Catalonia in Spain. “The ‘Brexit’ would create a precedent for countries emerging from the EU” says Fitch, who believes that this could push for an “antiEU” movement and the birth of other populist political parties,” warned Fitch. In addition, the credit agency also warned about popular pressure making it impossible for leaders to make difficult decisions or to approve unpopular measures that would benefit large corporations in the long run. In a report released Monday, Fitch warns that the ‘Brexit’ bill would negatively affect the economies of other European countries and raise political risks in Europe. Strangely enough, Fitch says that if the UK left the EU, the agency does not plan to immediately downgrade the rating of the sovereign debt of other European countries.Read Article


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