6 Things Needed In Order To Declare Martial Law & Cancel Elections

image.jpegMany believe 6 basic things will need to occur before that plan could be implemented. The amazing part of that plan is that many of the pieces are already in place. Much of the plan has also been promoted by Barack Hussein Obama during the first 7 years of his presidency. What are those 6 pieces of the puzzle to bring about a declaration of martial law in the “land of the free and the home of the brave”?

#1 Complete control of the populace by the executive branch

Is that possible in America? There are 50 states with a variety of laws and regulations that concern different aspects of each state’s citizens’ rights. So, how could all of that be consolidated into a single law or agency of the government that would have absolute control of every resident of the United States? Interestingly enough, part of the puzzle has been in place for many years. It’s called the Internal Revenue Service and is the bane of every American every April. We won’t discuss the validity of that law in this article, just to say that many question the thousands of pages of the tax code. But every American knows that the IRS is the most feared agency of the U.S. government. Read Article