US Is Not Wanted In Iraq- ISIS To The Rescue With Gladio Style Explosions Everywhere!

gladio-boom-600x348It is now no secret. The world, especially the Middle East, is fed up with US-NATO support of terrorism and unlimited war in their region. The missing “weapons of mass destruction” that were never found by the Bush-Cheney cartel is now an ugly unavoidable and irreversible scar on the reputation of America. A country now permanently branded in the consciousness of the world as a threat to all nation states. The world realizes that America is hijacked by criminals who speak with a forked tongue. They wear business attire, they sound smart, and they meet all the time in government buildings to declare their official positions, draft new laws, approve new measures and make new declarations. They (the US government and it’s NATO political conspirator allies) operate at a very sophisticated level in an era of high technology and they employ an unimaginably complex and sophisticated propaganda system by way of mass media that has allowed them to accomplish all the crimes they’ve committed… and get away with it! Read Article