Tribulation in 2016 ? . . . Probably (VIDEO)

th-2I know this with 100% Certainty: Humanity is headed toward a time of tremendous suffering, what many Bible scholars call ‘The End Times’ is nearly upon us. War, starvation, desperation, and disease will multiply across our world in the very near future, causing unprecedented loss of life and the collapse of human civilization as we know it today.” Mike Adams – Natural News – Mike Adams of Natural News is a pretty smart fellow, whether you agree with all of his philosophies or not. The executive producer of my film “A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Moon” was a millionaire because of his superior business acumen, high IQ, and his ability to forecast financial trends years in advance, whether or not you agree with the findings of the documentary he helped bring to light. Likewise, I will make a forecast, based on over a decade of study of “End Time” events, applying the scripture below, whether or not you agree with me on all other matter

“With many advisors, the Truth is therein.” -Proverbs 15:22

More than two years ago, two different military sources shared with me their water-cooler talk among the intelligence agencies of the United States, that of there being a likely postponement of the November 7th, 2016 presidential election due to “eminent natural disasters”. This week, outdoorsman and “survivalist” Tom Lupshu shared his recent experience of being privy to a meeting of military officers and geologists who shared with him that FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) is preparing for “historical natural disasters” in the very near future. I am reminded of former United States “Homeland Security” chief Janet Napolitano, who recently said, on the very day of her retirement from the organization . . . “A natural disaster, the likes of which the nation has never seen, is likely on its way.” Napolitano went on to imply that she was retiring from her position so that she would not have to deal with the stress of the coming crisis. Noteworthy as well, after the recent wave of several large earthquakes around the world, are some seismologists who are saying that it is a virtual certainty that more frequent, and noticeably more devastating, earthquakes are in the immediate future for mankind.

When science and the Scriptures say the very same thing, I take notice. “There will be an increase in earthquakes in various places.” Luke 21:11

“In the Last Days, there will be great tribulation, unequalled in all of world history.” Matthew 24:21

If you believe in the Gift to foresee future events, whether you call it “E.S.P.” or “Prophecy”, also worth mentioning are forecasts from people with proven track records of predicting future events who have concurred with my military sources that the November 7th presidential election will be postponed because of “natural disasters”.

The people who are studying the sudden and dramatic increase in volcanoes and earthquakes say that they have no idea as to the cause of these increases, as well as the Earth’s magnetic pole moving at an unprecedented 579 feet per day, yet if you take all of the combined “advice” or “findings” as of late, including several recent announcements of the discovery of a new giant planet in our solar system, then this last discovery fits well as to the explanation of it all, including an increase in comets and asteroids, which the large planet would push our direction because of its gravitational wave.

My advice is simply to be ready for impending economic collapse as the wealthy elite, who are often more privy to information of coming events than the general population, start pulling their resources out of financial institutions to bunker themselves down for whatever is ahead. Having emergency necessities, which may soon be in short supply, is probably a good idea as well, perhaps months worth. Following the impending economic collapse, will likely be the “historical natural disasters”, of which both scientists and theologians are certain are in the immediate future.

source: thesluethjournal

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