Whistleblower Talks Secret Space, Breakaway Civilization and the Coming Cataclysm

William White Crow joins us for this very special episode of The Kev Baker Show in which he discloses details of his time in the secret space program. We learn about the jump room to Mars and hear all about the truth of what is really going on above and below the surface of the red planet. William has come forward at this time in support of one of his fellow Project Pegasus/Mars Program participants Andy Basiago, a previous guest on the show, and the man who brought us details of the US governments involvement in time travel. William trained Andy in self-defence as a child time travel and would later go on to act as protection on a separate program in the 80’s that involved a jump room to Mars. Mars didn’t always look like the baron wasteland we see in the alleged pictures from the NASA rovers. There was once a booming civilization, before a previous cataclysm brought it to an end. There is still some forms of life there today and we learn first hand from a man who has actually been there! We often speculate on the show about something we call the “”, and William will give you first hand details of how far advanced this international group are, and its light years ahead of anything we hear about here on Earth! Read Article

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