Twenty Year Old UN Plan to Invade the US Found In Newly Re-discovered Documents

imageThe UN plans to invade the US. This story is how they will attempt to use Chinese troops to accomplish this goal Synchronicity has struck The Common Sense Show. In 1993, I listened to the Art Bell Show for the very first time as I listened to Vance Davis, formerly of the NSA. His revelations regarding the current trends at the time in world affairs led me to believe he may have known about my father and his work with captured German Scientists. I could not speak openly at the time because my late father’s Navy’s pension, was the sole source of support for my mother, would have been forfeited if I have publicly revealed what my father told me before his death. But I did not have to, because, initially, Vance Davis did not contact me back. However, a man named Bill Pawelec did. Read Article

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