Terrifying Czech Alien Copter Takes to the Skies


700_8693343558236d5b2329aa2ee75f2138Imagine the scene: you’re taking a stroll through the park when you hear the familiar sounds of a helicopter fluttering overhead. But it’s not your average copter: as the machine nears, you notice a striking resemblance to H.R. Giger’s terrifying Xenomorph creatures from the Alien movie franchise. And instead of a tongue-like alien proboscis coming from the mouth, it’s sporting a high-powered minigun. That’s the Alien Tiger 221, a specially modified Russian Mi-24 attack helicopter given a unique paint job by the Czech 221 Tiger Squadron, based out of Náměšti nad Oslavou. Later this month, the beast will be deployed to Zaragoza, Spain, to participate in a NATO training exercise. The striking motif is not just for fun: during the meet in Spain, the NATO Tiger Association will give awards to participants in a variety of areas, including a Tiger Aicraft Livery Trophy for graphic design. Czech helicopters twice won the prize, in 2004 and 2005. More information about the helicopter (in Czech) and photos can be found at the website of The Flying Hippos, and also at the 221 Tiger Squadron’s Facebook group.Source: