Global Catastrophe Imminent: “Asteroids, Robots and Engineered Viruses Will Kill Millions”

Nuclear warThere is yet more confirmation that near-certain doom is headed for planet earth, and could kill or disrupt the lives of everyone on the planet. And there’s reason to think it could be in our lifetimes. A study commissioned by Oxford University identified possibly-imminent catastrophe from asteroids, AI, volcanoes, nukes/EMP or manufactured/weaponized disease sweeping the planet. And yet we’re the conspiracy theorists… According to the Daily Mail/Press Association: In the next five years asteroids, super volcanic eruptions and unknown risks are ranked as the biggest threat to humanity.[…] It may sound like the stuff of sci-fi films, but experts said these apocalyptic threats are more likely than many realise…[…] In the longer term, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has been listed alongside catastrophic climate change, nuclear war and pandemics as a threat to humanity. The biggest long term threat to civilization is natural and engineered pandemics and nuclear war […] the rise of synthetic biology could open the door to the creation of “off the shelf” deadly viruses. The report, which focuses on global approaches to address these looming dangers, and a worldwide integration of efforts, reminds us that we are all too mortal, and that devastating pandemics have indeed occurred throughout history: Read Article

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