From The Giants to The Paranormal via The Iraqi Stargate

conspiracy-mainIn this episode of Freaky Friday, the woo crew fail to disappoint yet again when it comes to the stranger side of reality. First up, Kev gives the audience an update on a story that was briefly mentioned during a previous Freaky Friday show, and plays a clip from Tom Horn. Mr Horn explains that during a chat with George Noorey on Coast to Coast AM, he was asked why he thought the US had rushed to invade Iraq post 9/11 despite no ties to that event, nor any of those illusive WMD we were all told about. Mr Horn spoke of the ancient technology in Iraq and with Saddam Hussein determined to rebuild the once great Babylon, it could have been a mission to sieze some of the ancient technology. Stargate technology perhaps?  Just what were the American Special Forces looking for? This led to him being contacted after the show by someone that worked at the Babylon museum in Iraq, and he was left a link to a secure webpage. What he found there is mind blowing and will leave you wondering just what the true purpose of the Iraqi invasion was. Why did a US dimplomat and a unit of heavily armed special forces turn up on the day Iraq was invaded in 2003? Read Article/Video

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