Dr. Jim Willie Debuts on New Radio Show; Talks About “The Zombie Economy”

ZombieAnyone who has listened to Dr. Jim Willie knows what a handful he can be, and this week thanks to the constant nagging of The Ochelli Effect’s largest contribute, the show was lucky enough to experience Dr. Willie himself for the first time. Given Dr. Willie’s “eccentric” style, for lack of a better word, I’m sure the host was probably reconsidering his choice as a guest for at least a second or two, when he almost giggled while mentioning Dr. Willie’s website titled “The Golden Jackass,” and then again when he asked Dr. Willie how he was doing, and the response he got was: “I’m doing quite strange, but I’m doing well…” Barely pausing to take a breath, Dr. Willie continues, “We’re in the endgame here. We’re in the middle of a long, long battle with the death of the Dollar, and we’ve been in this battle since November or December… but this whole process of breakdown started long before even Lehman Brothers… long before…” Read Article