Cannes terror panic: Guests at the Film Festival cower in fear as masked men with black flags on their boats and suicide belts storm the resort – unaware that it was a PR STUNT

342449F100000578-3589555-image-a-7_1463172376002-1A French internet start-up company ‘stormed’ a hotel favoured by Hollywood A-list celebrities near Cannes as part of an ill-judged PR stunt. The company sent a rigid inflatable boat carrying a load of ‘commandos’ to the hotel.  Guests cowered in fear as the men, who guests feared were terrorists, approached. The six men, who were on a boat flying a black flag, approached the Hotel du Cap Eden-Roc, which is about 30 minutes outside Cannes at high speed.  A spokesman for France’s National Police force said: ‘It was not a terrorist attack. It was a communication effort and publicity for an Internet site.’ Read Article