Breaking the ice! The Obamas host Nordic leaders at star-studded state dinner after a show of unity against Putin’s aggression

imagePresident Obama and the First Lady have welcomed five Nordic leaders to the White House for a lavish state dinner after earlier putting on a show of unity against Vladimir Putin’s recent military aggression in the Baltics. The Obamas first welcomed Icelandic Prime Minister Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson – who has only been in charge of his country for a month – and his wife Ingibjorg Elsa Ingjaldsdottir as they arrived at the North Portico of the White House. They were swiftly followed by the prime ministers of Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway, who were also invited to the unusual – if a little crowded – meeting. The dinner will send a strong statement to Russia, who the five heads of state earlier slammed for its military buildup – including the buzzing of a U.S. warship near Kaliningrad – as they called for economic sanctions against Moscow to be maintained. Read Article

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