Who Really Owns and Controls the Military-Industrial Complex and What Are They Doing? – An Extensive Research Report

The following report is an extremely detailed and extensive compilation of verifiable data points describing who funds the military industrial complex—a transnational organization with ties to banking and the elite. It also details what the money was spent on, a number of projects focused on remote influencing and mind manipulation technology. What should become clear as one reads this report, is that most of the technology and systems developed are specifically designed for manipulating or surveilling human beings. Perception Management is the term insiders use to refer to what is essentially a form of mass mind control. These methods are usually subtle in nature, employing electromagnetic and sonic devices to influence the minds of targets. In addition, the whole of modern-day computer and information distribution systems, such as the internet, television, cell phones, computers and so on, are all heavily embedded with technology chiefly designed to monitor and influence human activity. Read Article

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