World on the Edge: Is something catastrophic about to happen?

image.pngSIGN OF THE TIMES – You don’t need a web-bot predictive analysis or a psychic reading to tell you that there’s an ominous chill in the air that something bad is about to happen – something large and just catastrophic enough in scope and magnitude to change life for all of us on this planet. Such an event could lead to potential nuclear exchange, a disruption of food supplies, an extreme climatic event, or a global outbreak of a pandemic disease. While nations are arming themselves to the teeth in preparation for a future potential conflict, Mother Nature also appears to be gearing up for an unholy rampage. Earthquake faults are stressed and long overdue for major activity, volcanoes are awakening, and supervolcanoes are inflating in alarming and record fashion. The era of peace, prosperity, and pacifism in human existence may be finally winding to an abrupt close and we may be about to enter some very troublesome times. Read Article