Conspiracy Theories or so they say

Something is Going Down – Dark Cabal – Coup in U.S. Army Has Overthrown Obama! Double Secret Martial Law Activated- Currency Revaluation

Conspiracy or Not!! Keep in mind information has yet to be confirmed – Coup in U.S.: Army Has Overthrown Obama! – Double Secret Martial Law Activated. Obama has been overthrown by Gen Dunford, Amy takes over. FED shut down. According to this guest, we are under ‘double secret martial law’

Obama Out / Cabal Surrender / Currency Revaluation In Progress

Neil Keenan and Group K have been working for the last 72 hours on formatting the release of some incredibly important information relating to recent developments of historical importance. In the coming day we will provide a full preface to this post, along with edited video. In the interim, we have uploaded unedited video regarding this breaking news. This interim measure is not in any way ideal – but these developments are too important and must be publicized ASAP. Watch Videos Here

I listened to the first part of Neil Keenan’s breaking news and thought that I should put some notes together since this is some amazing, historical, and incredible information ……… if true! This does correlate with information coming from various sources including Benjamin Fulford, Yosef, Bruce from the Big Call, WING-IT, Dinar Chronicles, Operation Disclosure, Fisher from the Real Truth Call, ZAP, and other intel/rumor providers.

Please keep in mind that this information furnished by Neil Keenan was published openly on May 5, 2016 but the info stated regarding time windows has passed. Which is all too familiar with those who follow these daily intel/rumor reports. Still the information presented is of historic importance if the information concerning the surrender of the cabal is true.

Of course, discernment is highly advised until it can personally be verifiable to each and every one of us. I always ask myself …… Are Chemtrails still being sprayed without our consent, Fluoride still in our water, Criminal politicians and bankers still in power, Pedophile Network and Satanic Cult still murdering and raping children, are people still starving for food, are people still homeless, Prosperity Programs delivered /RV of currencies and funds in your bank account? This is my measurement gauge to see how things are progressing for the freedom of humanity. Must gauge again to see how the surrender of the dark cabal and USA CORP. has improved on my short list of items. Read More