Kim Jong-un Seeks to Cement Power As Supreme Leader

image.jpegNew York Times  Reports that Friday is the start of North Korea’s most important political meeting in 36 years: the seventh congress of the ruling Workers’ Party. Thousands of delegates from around the country are in Pyongyang, the capital, whose residents have been mobilized to welcome them. But beyond the choreographed pageantry and fervor, there are reasons to watch the proceedings closely….

Kim Jong-un Seeks to Cement Power at First North Korean Congress in 36 Years

Kim Jong-un to outline vision for North Korea at major political conference – How does a 33-year-old leader who has ordered the execution of his uncle, resumed nuclear testing and defied his country’s only major ally stamp his authority over a secretive and brutal regime? That is the biggest question facing North Korea-watchers as the country prepares to begin its biggest political conference in 36 years. To outsiders, Kim Jong-un already appears to have made his authority clear. The execution of his powerful uncle Jung Sang-taek in late 2013 was only the beginning. He has since sought to solidify his position with a muscle-flexing series of nuclear and missile tests that have even earned the wrath of long-time ally China.Read

Kim Jong-un: Leader bans weddings, funerals and freedom of movement in North Korea

After four years of top-level reshuffles, purges and executions, Kim Jong-Un will formally cement his unassailable status as North Korea’s supreme leader at a landmark ruling party congress this week.

Most Americans ‘Blissfully Unaware Of Nightmare Scenario’ – Something Strange Is Going On In North Korea

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